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Marais de Sacy Association        FR

What is Marais de Sacy Association ?


Marais de Sacy Association aims to preserve and to restore Sacy Marsh. It consists of water and habitat management.

To achieve those goals, the institution leads and coordinates studies and works.

Since 2009, the structure is responsible for the Natura 2000 coordination on the "Marais de Sacy-le-Grand" site.

Moreover, it provides assistance to the owners in their marsh's management (technical and administrative advice) and follows the studies linked to the marsh (Different geographic levels, law evolution…). Therefore, Marais de Sacy Association is a major local actor of this protected area and a key institution linking partners (owners, occupants, public institutions, Government services…). 

Marais de Sacy Association

As a result of a growing awareness about the patrimonial interest of the Sacy Marsh, a towns association was created in 1997. It included Sacy le Grand, Saint Martin Longueau, Rosoy, Cinqueux, Monceaux and Les Ageux. This association carried out a scientific study (Stucky, 2000) installing the basics of the Marsh function (hydraulic, hydrogeology, ecology…). Then, two studies were carried out (Stucky, 2005 et 2008), they concluded on the initial state and the actions to do in high and low water mark.

     Meanwhile, a pre-emptive right has been created in order to preserve the environment and avoid mercantile activities. In that purpose, the association became a "Syndicat Intercommunal" (Public institution consisted of towns).

Using this right, Conseil départemental de l'oise acquired 240 hectares. Then in 2010 it integrated the institution which became the Marais de Sacy Association (consisting of towns and an administration of another geographic level : department). In 2014, Labuyère town incorporated the organism.

Nowaday, the institution is composed by the towns of Sacy le Grand , Saint Martin Longueau, Rosoy, Cinqueux, Monceaux, Les Ageux, Labruyère and Conseil départemental de l'OiseThe Marais de Sacy Association Joint Committee brings together one elected person from each town (total 7), and 4 from the Conseil départemental de l'Oise to take strategic decisions on behalf of the institution.  

In 2004 the Sacy Marsh was integrated in Natura 2000 European Network. In 2009, after the normal procedure of studying the initial state, Marais de Sacy Association was elected to be the coordinator of this program for the Sacy Marsh site. 

In consequence, the structure increased its involvement by recruiting an engineer responsible for all the enviromental actions. Thus, Marais de Sacy Association became a strong local institution which is a force for bringing forward proposals at a larger geographic scale. 

 The engineer work is split between Natura 2000 program, Water and habitat management, raising awareness and advising technically marsh owners.  

Joint Committee

After the municipal election of March 2014, the joint committee is directed by M. CUGNIERE Raoul, the Vice - Président is Mrs COLIN NicoleThe committee list is described below:




Downloads (In French)

Year 2008 : 8.04 

Year 2009 : 28.04 / 6.10

Year 2010 : 20.05 17.09

Year 2011 : 3.02 / 21.04 12.05 24.11

Year 2012 : 28.02 17.04 6.11 

Year 2013 : 20.03 16.04 / 17.09 / 23.10 7.11

Year 2014 : 11.02 / 18.03 / 24.04 / 09.09 / 19.11

Year 2015 : 13.01 / 05.05 / 02.09 / 14.10

Year 2016 : 24.02 / 13.04 / 02.11